Todd E. Dawson

Tod Dowson

Todd E. Dawson is professor of plant ecology and physiology in the Departments of Integrative Biology and Environmental Science, Policy & Management, The Virginia and Robert Gill Chair of Natural History, and Director of the Center for Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry at UC Berkeley. Since 2000 he also serves on the advisory council to the Save-the-Redwoods League and is the Berkeley campus representative to the UC Office of the President’s Natural Reserve System. As a former US National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator, a scientific advisor to the National Ecological Observatories Network, an AGU Fellow and a member of numerous societies he is committed to advancing the fields of ecology, environmental science and sustainable solutions to forest and agricultural practices.

The issue of how plants cope with the challenges imposed by a host of environmental stressors, climatic factors and climate change is what motivates much of the research in Dawson’s group. In this regard, for nearly 30 years his research has centered on the physiological ecology of plants and the interactions of plants with their environments. 

Dawson is most widely known for his work on elucidating the various roles trees play in the hydrological cycle of forested ecosystems from around the world and for which he was awarded several distinguished scholar awards. Contact Todd